Frequently Asked Questions

We can do just about every kind of printing. Please, refer to our print services page to see a full description. If you don’t see what you are looking for, send us an email or give us a call. Chances are we can do what you are looking for.
That depends on the method of printing. For all press printing, letterpress, and perfing, the largest size we can print is 12”x18” give or take a little. We can diecut larger sizes, and our wide format printer can print 58” wide up to the length of the roll of material we are printing on.
Please refer to our File Prep page for all file related questions.
That depends on the item you are ordering, and we will tell you when you place the order if there is a minimum order requirement. We also reserve the right to charge a minimum of $20 depending on the job, and we will tell you in advance.
The print industry’s standard practice is to consider delivering 10% over or UNDER the amount ordered to be an acceptable fulfillment of an order. We typically print many extras in anticipation of spoilage during production, and that is where they come from at no additional charge.
If you send us files that require less than 5-10 minutes to set up to print correctly, we will charge you just for the printing. If the time it takes us to set up your files correctly exceeds 5-10 minutes, we typically charge a one-time set up fee; and we will notify you in advance. If your files have problems that need correcting before printing, we will contact you and quote you a design charge to correct the issue.
Yes, we can show you samples of our work. Please stop by our shop during business hours, and we will be happy to show you samples of our work.
Yes, we will email you a free digital proof of your print order. We don’t print anything without approval.
Hard press proofs are available, and they range in price according to the method of printing. Please, let us know if you require a hard proof when placing an order.
That depends on the printing method, the size and complexity of your order, and the volume of printing already in the shop. Please, refer to our print services section to see the standard turnaround for our various Printing Services; this section will give you a good idea of what to expect.

DISCLAIMER: We work hard to give our customers quality work and to meet deadlines. Occasionally our machinery needs unexpected maintenance or accidents happen. Occasionally jobs become more complicated or time-consuming than we anticipated at the time we quoted you. We appreciate your patience if your job takes longer to complete than we initially quoted due to any of the above causes, extenuating circumstances, acts of God, etc...